A Loser Who Cheats At Kitten Poker?

I’m tired of hearing about his abuse!”

“You’re just as bad as he is,” she mumbled, trying to ignore the fact that her heart had stopped beating. “I can’t believe you would say such a thing.”

“You deserved it,” he told her coldly. He stood up and walked away from the table toward one of the four sofas lined around a low coffee table in front of an old fashioned fireplace with flickering candles on each side. “Sit down and put your feet up, Lily.” She looked at him, dumbfounded. How could he possibly even think about putting his feet up after what they’d been through? A few hours ago they were curled together like lovers on this very couch…and now—she was shocked to see how indifferently James stared at the fire rather than look at her directly. His eyes seemed empty; she saw no sign of love or desire for her anymore. It hurt more than anything else before: knowing that there was something between them long ago but now it never existed again.”This isn’t any better than him calling me names all day every day! I don’t need you treating me like some fragile little flower who needs coddling by my protector—” But suddenly their argument came to an abrupt halt when someone knocked loudly on their closed bedroom door downstairs in order to get James’s attention upstairs which broke Lily out of whatever bizarre trance she had fallen into experiencing for just a moment back there with James where