Art How To Paint Kitten Fur In Oil?

I want to do this for my kitten, but I don’t want her fur color to be too dark. What should I use?

A: This is a great question and one that most people have never even thought of before! You can create beautiful kitten fur in oil using an undercoat of acrylic paint called “Burnt Sienna” or “Ochre”. Use the Burnt Sienna on your block-out stage, then go back with Ochre for highlights. It will give you all the warmth and depth that you need without having to worry about colors too dark/light.

Q: How do I get rid of spots along the top edge of my canvas board? Is there any trick to it besides sanding them down?

A: Using a sponge, wipe at those spots as best as possible from both sides until they are gone completely. If that doesn’t work – buy a new canvas board! One other option is grinding out those areas with a grinder so they disappear entirely. Good luck everyone… hope this helps!