At What Age Can A Kitten Be Neutered?

No matter the age of your cat, neutering is important for cats’ overall health and well being. The American Association of Feline Practitioners states that male cats should be neutered before they are six months old or at a weight between 4-5 pounds. Female cats can have their first spay surgery as early as three months old, but should not be spayed until after their first heat cycle. If you do not wait to have your kitten fixed, there is a higher risk that he will develop unwanted behaviors such as spraying urine or marking territory in inappropriate places by using his claws or teeth. Males also tend to fight more often with other males since they cannot produce testosterone, which causes aggression traits to appear earlier than usual.

How much does it cost?

It costs approximately $300 – $500 dollars depending on where your veterinarian practices and what kind of anesthesia they use (general anesthetic vs IV sedation). It can take up to two hours from start to finish for the procedure, so plan accordingly!