At What Age Can A Kitten Go To The Bathroom On Its Own?

Answer: When a kitten is about 6 weeks old, it can go to the bathroom on its own.

How do you get rid of fleas?

Answer: There are several ways to deal with or eliminate fleas from your pet. One way is by getting rid of the source of lodgings for these little creatures such as carpets and other soft furnishings in your home. Another method is to spray the animal with products such as Advantage, Frontline Plus or Revolution that contain common chemicals that kill fleas on contact. You may also choose to use homemade remedies such as diatomaceous earth which will help control them and help keep them away from your cat’s skin and fur by killing all cracks and crevices where they may hide and lay their eggs. It should be noted however; this product should not be applied directly onto pets since it has been known to damage some animals’ coats when ingested incorrectly (i.e., accidentally swallowing). Finally, you could choose any number of natural alternatives like garlic capsules, eucalyptus oil shampoos (including those made especially for cats), cedar oils sprays, oatmeal/tea baths – even “hot-spot” treatments – that will provide effective pest control without harmful side effects if used correctly and safely!

What does a cat scratch mean? What causes one? How can I know what she wants me to do now?!?!?! LOL…thanks so much!!!! 🙂