At What Age Can You Deworm A Kitten?

They are often given to kittens before they go to new homes, but some vets will give them on entry. They may be given after the first worming course or every two weeks afterwards. It depends on what your vet thinks is appropriate for you kitten’s age and health, but usually is between 6 months and 12 months of age. How do deworming tablets work?

These contain medicines that kill the larvae (worms) in your cat’s intestines, where they can cause serious damage if not removed. If left untreated, worms in cats can cause problems such as diarrhoea; anaemia; vomiting; weight loss; poor growth rate due to malnutrition; peritonitis (inflammation of the tissue around the stomach); liver disease which can lead to cirrhosis (swelling of the liver). Some types of worm infections in domestic animals pass through un-infected fleas into humans when cats groom each other! These appear most commonly as ringworm – a superficial infection that causes itching and scaling with redness followed by dead skin cells falling off leaving scaly, raised patches with reddish brown edges. Ringworm looks like small blisters filled with clear fluid under normal sunlight or fluorescence microscopy conditions Key Facts About Worms What are worms? A worm is an invertebrate animal belonging within Chordata so it has no spine running down its back like fish do – only tiny tubes called ‘nerves’. An insect has many long body parts