At What Age Can You Spay And Declaw A Kitten?

A: Most shelters and pounds will not spay or declaw a kitten until she is at least 8 weeks old because of the risk that she may have to be euthanized by a veterinarian if complications occur. If you choose, though, to go ahead with this procedure before then, it’s best done as early as possible so the cat doesn’t suffer from chronic pain throughout her life. The first surgery should take place at 5 weeks or earlier. It’s important for your kitten to recover well from every ensuing surgery, particularly after declawing because cats are prone to developing infections in their paws and can develop other problems such as inflammation of the feet or paw pads that prevent them from walking properly.

Q: What happens during a spay-and-declaw procedure?

A: When a female cat is spayed (neutered), one end of her reproductive tract is removed along with all traces of her ovaries and uterus. In male cats, both testicles are cut off at once through an incision made under his scrotum area near the base of his tailbone.

Q: What about my pet bird? Should I also get him neutered? And what about sex hormones like testosterone in birds? Aren’t they bad for their health? Do they cause cancer in males ? And won’t he become unmanageable when he grows up without being able to mate ? Why would someone want to do something like that anyway???