Atomic Kitten Anyone Who Had A Heart?

“Taryn,” he said, “you look beautiful.”

I smiled, feeling like a princess. I looked down at myself and laughed. I was wearing a white summer dress that had spaghetti straps and flowered pockets. It was pretty but very… not my style. But it made me feel special and girly and feminine—just the way we wanted her to feel when she wore our clothes in front of him for the first time since we’d taken her away from him at birth.

We were going to get through this, no matter how many obstacles came our way along the way. We would get Taryn back with us where she belonged: With Jack’s family who loved her more than life itself did; with his sisters who adored her as if she were their own baby girl; with his mother who missed sharing these moments every day by seeing them on TV or in pictures; and most of all, with him! And one day soon—when it seemed right—we would introduce Taryn to each other too so they could be a real brother-sister team working together toward a common goal: bringing justice for crime victims everywhere across America, creating an entire nation without criminals roaming free within its borders! This will happen sooner rather than later because there are two strong forces working against us now: The FBI trying to stop us from getting even closer to finding out what really happened when Tim Allen disappeared twenty years ago while hiking in Aruba…