How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Wear A Seresto Collar?

We recommend that kittens wear the collar from around 6 months of age. At this stage they will have a good level of maturity and can be trusted to use it safely. The seresto collar is fully adjustable so you can fit it perfectly to your kitten’s neck, ensuring a secure fit without restricting movement.

How Old Do They Consider A Cat A Kitten?

“I don’t think it’s written anywhere, but I would say about six months,” said Dr. Suzanne MacDonald, a veterinarian in San Francisco who is the author of “The Complete Guide to Cat Health.”

How To Switch Kitten Topical Flea Treatment?

You can use a flea comb to remove them from the hair. But if you have a cat with long fur, it’s better to vacuum your home once or twice a week so you won’t have any problems with fleas. You need to follow these steps: Vacuum all of the carpets and rugs in your … Read more

How Much Should We Feed A Ten Month Old Kitten?

We recommend a 1/4-1/2 cup of kitten food per meal for a ten month old kitten. Is it safe to give my cat milk? Is milk good for cats? Cats are very sensitive to dairy products, so if your animal is showing any signs of diarrhea after it drinks its pet milk, you should stop … Read more