Biker Who Saves A Kitten And Rides With It?

No, it’s the other way around. He is a kitten and when he grows up to be an adult, he gets his own bike. The story takes off with him riding along in the sunset when he meets another biker who wants him to buy ice cream for her sister. That’s where I had problems with this book – there were several times that she just jumped into the middle of their conversation without any warning or explanation as to why they even knew each other or what they did before meeting at that moment. It was kind of annoying since these conversations felt so forced because of how quickly the characters jump from one topic to another without much thought about where they are going or why they are doing what they are doing at this point in time.

I’m not sure if I would have finished reading this book if it wasn’t for my Kindle Unlimited membership which allowed me access to almost all books both recently released and older published works while also allowing me two free reads per month either on my own devices or shared ones like public libraries do (since borrowing books isn’t available through Kindle Unlimited). So, even though I didn’t enjoy reading this book at all due to some formatting issues, having 3 more chapters saved onto my device meant that I could go back after finishing it once again before purchasing anything else off the site because I wanted more stories featuring cats – but sadly none appear yet on Amazon since neither The Other Side nor Pawsome Cats appeared anywhere near them despite being told about them