Boy Or Girl Kitten How To Tell?

If you look at the ribs of the kitten and its belly, it will be obvious if a cat is male or female. If there are any visible testicles inside the body (on either side of the anus) then that’s usually an indication. Some cats have both testicles and ovaries in their bodies; they’re called hermaphrodites. They can still produce kittens though, so don’t panic! It may take some time for your vet to determine whether he/she is a boy or girl, but rest assured: it could be anything from 2 weeks to several months before we know for sure what gender your kitten really is!

Why does my cat need his/her shots? And when do I give them?

There are multiple reasons why adult cats should be vaccinated against distemper virus (PDV), feline panleukopenia virus (FPV), rabies, calici disease and FIV. Cats who live together with other cats should also get vaccines against herpesvirus-1 (HSV-1). These viruses cause diseases which can affect all types of animals including humans and dogs – this means that every owner must make sure their pet has been vaccinated according to official recommendations. For more information on vaccination schedules see here: Most vets vaccinate kittens once they reach 6 weeks old; however because vaccinations take effect very quickly in such