Cat Wheel Exerciser For Indoor Cats

Is your cat fat? Inactive? Bored? Well if so these are not good signs. Well cat’s lived outside napping was a relaxing mechanism for their hunting but since our cats live inside they need to redirect their energy somewhere. A cat wheel exerciser can benefit your cat in many ways.

Apart from playing with them and taking them on regular walks, it is a great way to keep them well entertained and far away from getting bored and depressed.


It is a 3-5 feet diameter and 10-15 inches wide treadmill wheel also called a cat hamster wheel specially designed for cats that roll around your cat’s weight. There are very popular as entertainment for adult cats, especially those who are lazy, fat and have nothing to do with except getting bored and napping 16 hours a day leading to the unhealthy lifestyle of your cat.

To use the cat exercise wheel you need to step your cat on the wheel and help her start walking. Initially, your cat may be afraid to use it so you can use toys or treat to get your cat comfortable with it. once she becomes comfortable she is all set to enjoy its new game.


human is not the only one who needs to work out. Exercise is equally important for the healthy happy and long-living of your cat. 15-30 minutes of exercise session is needed for cats to avoid obesity boredom depression and other psychological problems

Also, your cat might feel bored and when you are not around they need to be entertained. This helps keep your cat psychologically and emotionally fit. 

In short for overall well being i.e physical, psychological and emotional well being of your cat a cat wheel exerciser is the best fit. An indoor cat exercise wheel keeps your cat busy indoors and hence prevents it from engaging with outside dangers.


Your cat can simply step on it and starts walking. Although you need to assist your kitty at the beginning until it gets comfortable with it, it’s a fun and completely safe piece of equipment that gets your kitty entertained and fun. I recommend you to buy at least a 10-inch wide cat wheel exerciser to avoid tripping. This is what I personally use for Mio(my cat), you can check this out on Amazon.

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For the optimum physical and mental for your cat wheel exerciser is a great deal. Apart from keeping her healthy, it keeps your cat more busy more engaged and entertained and less bored. It breaks boredom, releases stress and enhances bonding with your cat. 

Thank you for reading… ! Peter !!