When Can A Kitten Start Eating Dry Food?

A kitten can start eating dry food as early as 7 weeks old, though some experts recommend waiting until the first birthday. What is a good food for a kitten? In general, it’s best to choose a high-quality cat food that your vet recommends and has verified on an expiration date. You may also want … Read more

How To Get A Kitten To Eat Food?

My cat ate a whole can of tuna and I want to get him some food so he will eat. Is there any good foods for cats that have had an overdose of tuna? how do you stop your cat from eating everything in the house? my 3 month old kitten just gets over excited, … Read more

How To Tell If Kitten Has A Fever?

Yes, you can tell if your kitten has a fever by simply observing him. If he is lethargic and just lying around all day then there’s a good chance that it’s the flu. However, if he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about his health or seems to be running around like crazy with an … Read more

How Fast Should A Kitten Breath?

While kittens typically do not breathe as hard as dogs, they do have a higher metabolic rate. In general, 12 to 20 breaths per minute is normal for a kitten. In addition, it is important that the kitten have enough time to catch its breath after vigorous exercise or activity.

How To Help A Constipated Kitten Poop?

My kitten is constipated. I just gave her some canned food and water. She started eating it very slowly after she drank the water, but now she hasn’t eaten anything for over an hour. How long will it take before she will start to poop? Asked by Member 12147660 on in Constipation

When Is A Cat Not A Kitten Anymore?

It’s never. Kittens are the cutest little things! But here is the thing, cats grow up to be so much cooler than kittens. They can turn into a cute kitten at will but they also have this side of them that makes them look so much more powerful and elegant… And I couldn’t resist sharing … Read more

How To Potty Train A Kitten To Use The Toilet?

Training a kitten is one of the most difficult challenges in animal husbandry. As you can see from all my posts, I have been trying to train mine since he was only 6 weeks old. Kittens are born with instincts that make them want to use their feces and urine as means for marking their … Read more

How To Make A Kitten Stop Meowing At Night?

– How to stop a kitten from meowing at night How to tell if your cat is depressed? – Why does my cat howl and hide all the time What can i do when my cat wont let go of her kittens? – Cat dont want to leave kittens alone anymore what should we do … Read more