Cat Wheel Exerciser For Indoor Cats

Is your cat fat? Inactive? Bored? Well if so these are not good signs. Well cat’s lived outside napping was a relaxing mechanism for their hunting but since our cats live inside they need to redirect their energy somewhere. A cat wheel exerciser can benefit your cat in many ways. Apart from playing with them … Read more

How Much To Feed A 6 Week Old Kitten?

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How To Know If A Kitten Is A Male Or Female?

First, you must determine the gender of your cat. There are a few methods that will let you know whether or not your cat is male or female. If he has two testicles then he’s definitely a male and if there are no testes present then it’s time to find out! Sometimes the presence of … Read more

How To Make A Newborn Kitten Poop?

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What Extra Protein Can I Put In Kitten Milk For A Squirrel?

My kitten is 9 weeks old, and I am feeding her Purina Kitten Chow. What extra protein can I give her to make sure she has enough calories? And does she need any vitamins or supplements? Answers: Kitty’s diet – posted 21-10-2007 by Kitty (Canada) Thanks for your question! The first thing you should do … Read more

How Much To Feed A 3 Month Old Kitten?

A: In general, kittens younger than 12 weeks of age should be fed a diet formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of growing kittens. There are no hard and fast rules regarding how much food a kitten needs at any particular age, as they change so rapidly. However, you can use these guidelines as a … Read more