Episode Where Garnet Finds A Kitten?

I love this scene. I want to know where it’s going because it could just be a one-off episode, but the way they’re writing Garnet right now… It gives me hope that there’s more story to come in the show.

I’ve noticed you like seeing humans doing human things on your tv screen lately; is this something you consciously try to do? Like, when did Garnet start learning how to type or use her phone? Or was she always fully capable of these skills and we just didn’t see them before?

She wasn’t always fully capable of typing! She found out about text messaging in the second part of season 2. Before then she was really good at communicating with other Gems through crystal communicators (which are kind of like walkie talkies), so I think she learned quickly after getting her powers back! But yeah, she started playing around with her phone again last year when Steven came home from college for his birthday—she’d made him call everyone he knew so that they would all leave messages for him on their voice mail. So leaving voicemails has become sort of a thing among Homeworld Gems since then! Which is cool because it makes them feel connected back home even though they’re thousands of miles away, and also means that Garnet can help Steven by giving him feedback on what he should say next if anything gets too personal or awkward over the phone. He doesn’t know any better yet though—it would be nice