Fanfic Where Reader Turns Into A Kitten?

A: I mentioned this before, but I’m not the author of any fanfic featuring a kitten. If there is such a fic out there, it’s probably someone else’s work.

Q: What are your favorite works to read?

A: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Probably my other favorites are Dragaera novels by Karen Miller and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R Donaldson…I have no idea how many books he wrote or exactly what they’re about though because that part still eludes me! For real though, if you haven’t tried reading them yet then give them a shot! They’re well-written and pretty entertaining.

Q: Are you going to write another story set in the same universe as “The Silence Between”? Will we see more stories about Alanna/Will or will you stop writing all together? You seem to enjoy writing these characters so why don’t you keep working on their stories instead of making us wait for something new? Please keep up with your great stories! 🙂