Found Baby Kitten What To Do?

Answer: Find a new home for the kitten. Generally, these kittens do not make good pets and will cause problems if they live with people who are not knowledgeable about their care. They need to be raised by someone who has the time and patience to meet all of their needs as well as provide them with adequate exercise and stimulation that cats require. This is because they are extremely social animals that like to be around people at all times (cuddling up on you or sitting in your lap).

2) Should I allow an adult cat to go outside?

Answer: Most adult cats can tolerate leaving the house during daylight hours but would prefer it if no one disturbed them while they were out doing their business. If your cat becomes accustomed to staying outside this may become permanent even though you don’t want it too near your property line; therefore, this must be discouraged by making sure he/she doesn’t get lost when going potty! It’s best just keep him confined indoors unless under supervision when allowed out in an area where there aren’t any other homes nearby so that marauding neighborhood wildlife cannot come into contact with him/her which can lead to serious health problems including rabies exposure, fatal illness from fleas or ticks, mange infestation leading to painful skin irritation or infection (or possibly death), eye disease due to conjunctivitis resulting in blindness.. As mentioned above most felines do very well if left alone in small spaces without many distractions for