Harry Potter Fanfic Where He Is A Baby And Turns Into A Kitten?

fanfiction.net/s/8740171/” rel=”nofollow”>Harry Potter and the Baby-Kitten Battle by Imwizard1 on FanFiction .Net. <>It’s a great story where Harry gets his own family, becomes human again, and sets out to defeat Voldemort!<>He was a kitten! And he got a flat stomach because of it!<>
[[Chapter]] 8 – The Boy Who Lived Chapter 8: The Boy Who Lived After the baby-kitten battle, things went back to normal at Hogwarts. Snape still hated Harry with an unreasonable passion that seemed almost personal in nature, but Hermione insisted that they needed him after all since he had been their only source of information about this whole affair.
Everyone else held either suspicion or respect for him now.
“But what if your father turns up in December?” Ron questioned as they headed toward Gryffindor Tower in September for their final year.“My mother will not let him come,” said Hermione confidently.“Did you do something?” asked Ronald Weasley from across the common room table when he heard about her new boyfriend.”No,” she replied plainly without