How A Kitten Looks Like Born?

A: A kitten looks like a newborn human. They have a completely different body shape, and their bones are still growing, so they don’t look exactly like adult cats. Their face doesn’t look that much different from an adult cat either. Kittens can be born in any time of the year depending on where you live, but most litters happen between late February and early May when it is warmer outside.

Q: What do kittens do when they get big enough?

A: Kittens grow fast! At 4 weeks old your kitten should be able to hold its head up by itself comfortably, jumping around will help them stretch out their legs and back muscles also helps them become better hunters if you want to encourage this activity during the first few weeks at home! Once your kitten feels stronger he or she can move onto toys foraging for food then moving onto real prey such as mice or birds after being weaned at 6-8 weeks old (if not sooner). The average life span for domestic cats is 10 years with some living into their 20s/30s; however many people keep there cats past their normal lifespan because of poor care (or lack thereof) which includes having proper nutrition lowered stress levels ,socialization & exercise . That all said I would recommend getting your cat neutered before 12 months if possible in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies in 18-20 weeks our kittens are fully grown cute little babies who need proper care