How Big Is A 10 Week Old Kitten?

A 10 week old kitten is about the size of a large dog.

Q: If I put my kittens in an animal shelter for adoption, can they be returned to me if their new owner has problems with them?

Sometimes people get upset when you take your pets back because they don’t like cats or dogs (and this includes some other animals). Sometimes it’s something that happens after the pet was adopted, and sometimes it’s due to behavioral issues that came up while the pet lived with its new owners. Either way, by law you are entitled to return “immediately” any domestic animal – not just your own but anyone else’s (including someone else who got rid of their pet). If you wish to make another attempt at getting ownership over your kitten(s), then contact the Animal Control department in your city/county where they were found. They will give all details on how to proceed from there. Also remember… even though these pets may have been difficult for their original owners, most probably meant very well by them….