How Big Is A 2 Month Old Kitten?

Kitten growth varies with the breed and kitten’s age, but on average a 2 month old kitten will weigh between 0.5-1 oz., depending on the breed (smaller breeds such as Siamese tend to grow more quickly). Most kittens feed every two hours or so for this first week, and then three times daily until they are weaned at around 4 months of age. Kittens’ stomachs begin to stretch out as they grow bigger and need more food per day (and thus may be hungry more often than adult cats that eat less per day). If you leave your new pet alone all night long, he or she will wake up hungry in the morning; it is important that you provide enough food for this time period. A good rule of thumb is one small bowl of dry cat food divided into several smaller bowls throughout the house at different feeding times during the day.

A common complaint about kittens is their messy litter boxes – how can I help? The biggest cause of litter box problems has nothing to do with cat behavior! It’s because most people put too much litter in their cat’s litter box – which makes cleanup very difficult! Too little water also leads to frequent trips outside to pee – try adding some fresh water once a week instead if needed. Adding Feliway® diffusers or sprays can help reduce unwanted marking behavior — making it easier for other pets/people in your home not only tolerate your kitty but actually