How Big Should A 10 Week Old Kitten Be?

This is a question that we get asked all the time. It’s really hard to give you an exact answer, but here is what we know:

As kittens grow they will put on more and more weight each week. This happens over the first four weeks (they are growing very rapidly at this point) and then slows down as they begin eating solid food. The size of their bones determines how big they will be for most of their lives; however, if your kitten isn’t gaining weight or putting on too much fat it may just be a matter of finding out why he isn’t eating enough and getting him some commercial kitten food that has been specifically formulated for growing cats . A good rule of thumb when choosing cat food is to choose one with less than 20% moisture content so it won’t spoil before you need it! As long as your kitten eats his dry kibble regularly he should stay healthy until he reaches adulthood (which can vary from 3-5 years). If your cat doesn’t eat his dry kibble every day, start offering wet foods or canned foods instead until he gets used to them. Also make sure that there aren’t any other health problems going on in his life such as a UTI or URI infection , vomiting , diarrhea etc..

How do I find my pet’s age?

The easiest way to determine how old a pet is would be by looking near the base of its tail where hair grows continuously from birth onward. You’ll see