How Can I Help My Kitten Poop?

my kitten is about 6 months old. I have only had him for a month, but he has always been healthy and didn’t need to go that often. the past couple weeks he has started pooping in his litter box. when i take it out there are small chunks of poop on the bottom of the litter pan. how can i help my kitten poop?

Answers: How Do You Get Your Kitten To Poop Outside The Box?

My kittens were using their litter box so much they used up all of their litter! So I went to petsmart and got some Miracle Gro plant fertilizer…I mixed it in with their regular cat litter…it was great! It made them use it more because they couldn’t get enough scent off themselves like normal cats do, which helped me keep track if they did or not 😀 (09/11/2006)

By Tabitha 🙂