How Can I Make My Kitten Poop?

– Cat not pooping what to do

how can i make my kitten stop pooping? – Kitten wont poop what to do

why is my cat pooping too much? – My cat is always having diarrhea ou she has a stomach ache or why does my cat have diarrhea at night and then wont poop at all he bitches only when her belly hurts. She stopped eating for 1 day so i called the vet but they said it was normal for cats to eat less than usual duet eh age. What should i do please help me start this question over again because I really dont want him dying on me b/c he seems like a very sweet little baby how can the answer be more specific if its an illness or food allergy or maybe something else with medicine that could cure it please let us know thanks in advance how long will a kitten go between each bowel movement sometimes they are fine other times 5 days 7 days 10 days 12 etc… ? I’m sorry, but this post appears to contain spam. If you think this comment belongs in our community forum, please let us know by clicking here: Please tell us whether you wish your submission posted as “spam” according our site’s guidelines – thank you! You must also include your full name & email address so we may contact you if necessary