How Can I Tell If A Kitten Is Dying?

my kitten has been having bad seizures and my vet can’t find out why…. How do I tell if a cat is in labor? – Help! My Cat is Pregnant!!

my cat woke me up last night, she was very restless and kept moving around the room. i just got off work so i didnt wake up until this morning at around 10:00am. when i did go to check on her she started crying and weaving all over the place… my guess is that she had an accident but how would you know for sure without catching it in a bowl or something? my mom said they dont have money, what should we do??

thank you for your time… This may be one of the worst times to get pregnant for cats! There are plenty of ways to help make it easier on both you and your kitty. The first thing I’d suggest doing is finding some home birth kits which include information about common problems during pregnancy including how to prepare food specifically designed for expecting mothers, care instructions, etc. It also includes products such as heating pads with built-in massagers that are especially helpful during difficult times after birthing or other prenatal issues arise (e..g., urinary tract infections). You might also want to consider purchasing some essential oils which have many benefits including promoting relaxation while being safe enough not only for humans but also our pets too! If possible consider getting an ointment made especially by vets called “Catsy” which helps