How Can You Tell How Old A Kitten Is?

Kittens are born blind, deaf and helpless. They begin to develop senses at about four weeks of age, but the ears may not open until they are five or six weeks old. The eyes don’t see clearly until the kitten is seven to eight weeks old, although newborn kittens have some vision through their large dark eyes. You can tell how old a kitten is by counting its whiskers — there are usually more than three on each side of its face when it first has them. Kittens generally weigh less than half an ounce at birth. At one month, you should be able to pick up your new pet with no difficulty; at two months, he will be able to run around the furniture without falling down; and by three months he can climb stairs on his own power. How long do cats live?

Unlike dogs that tend to live into their teens or even 20s (the average lifespan for males is 13 years) most cats die before age 10 if they’re lucky enough to survive childhood illnesses such as distemper or rabies which affect all mammals except primates who have low mortality rates in captivity (i think maybe because they grow up in big colonies where food etc isn’t too scarce).