How Can You Tell If A Kitten Is A Boy Or Girl?

A: Cats come in many different colors and patterns. The most important thing to remember is that a kitten’s gender can be determined when it is 8 weeks old or younger, so you need to research the breed of your new kitten before bringing him home. A veterinarian will be able to tell you what color and pattern your kitten may have by his ears and eyes. If he has one blue eye and one brown eye, for example, it’s more than likely a boy with either black points (points on his face) or solid coloring from nose to tail tip. A female cat often has markings on her chest where she was bred, but this doesn’t necessarily rule out whether she could be male later in life—it depends on the individual cat!

Q: How do kittens get their spots?

A: Kittens develop these marks as they age during their first two months of life after they are born with them already present under their skin. They usually appear about four weeks into a young kitty’s life while he is sleeping or resting between feedings at night; however, some never develop any spots at all during childhood! For those who do not develop any spotting whatsoever from birth up until adulthood there are several reasons why some cats don’t show signs of being spotted early on in life including the following possibilities: 1.) Inbreeding within certain breeds such as Abyssinians 2.) Extreme genetic mutations 3.) Tumors 4.) Skin conditions