How Can You Tell If Your Kitten Is A Boy Or Girl?

As noted in the section on deciding if it’s a boy or girl, you can tell by looking at your kitten that it is either a boy or girl. If your kitten is more of one sex than the other, don’t worry! It can take from six to nine weeks for cats to develop sexual characteristics and hormones after they are born. Some kittens will be only half-males or half-females during this time.

Can I give my cat vitamin D? Can vitamin D cause problems with my pet?

Vitamin D has been shown to help prevent rickets in dogs and cats. We suggest using supplements with Vitamin E (natural form), which protects against free radicals and helps prevent bone disease such as osteomalacia (rickets). While there aren’t any studies about giving these doses when pregnant, we do know that too high levels of Vitamin D put fetuses at risk for birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, so we always recommend taking care not to overdose on nutrients during pregnancy: 25 minutes before feeding: 0.1 mg/lb body weight twice daily; 15 minutes after feeding: 2 mg/lb body weight twice daily; 1 hour before bedtime: 2 IU/kg bw once daily; 4 hours after last meal fed: 10 IU/kg bw every 3rd day until pregnant end of cycle (pregnant) Endocrine disruptors like pesticides may cause problems with development, but no research supports concerns about