How Can You Tell The Sex Of A Kitten At 6 Weeks?

A. While some breeds are easier to tell at 6 weeks, most cat parents have a keen eye for sex by then. If you’re having trouble with your kitten trying to mount the sofa or furniture, try picking up the kitten and holding it close to your face. Look into its eyes and see if there is anything that gives away its gender. Also watch how kittens behave when they interact with their littermates – does one of them play bite more than the other? Is one less playful? Do all of them lick each other constantly? Or do they look like any good friends would be hanging out together – only meowing at times, but not aggressively chasing each other around? This information can help you determine which cat will be more aggressive toward others in the future.

Q: How old should my new kitten be before I let her outside?

A: Your new feline friend is still very young so she needs lots of love and attention from her family right now! She needs time to grow strong enough for outside activities without becoming too rowdy or rambunctious for everyone else on your block (who might not want giant cats running through their yards). Most local shelter workers recommend keeping kitties indoors until they are about 12 weeks old (or sometimes even later) because many shelters don’t take stray animals past this age due to health concerns caused by late-life diseases such as FIV/FeLV infection in older cats; parasites;