How Do I Know If My Kitten Is In Heat?

Search for a “heat cycle” in your pet’s chart. If you don’t have one, it is extremely unlikely that the cat will go into heat. It does not happen very often when they are young cats and when they do, its short-lived. If this happens to a Persian kitten or female calico, she may be pregnant again right away!

I’m going to get a spayed/neutered male kitten from my breeder – how do I tell if he’s fertile?

If you already have one of these kittens where there is no possibility of him being fertile (this usually means he has been neutered at 6 months), then whenever possible the new kitten should stay with his mother until after his first heat cycle which occurs around 12 weeks old – this way any sperm left in her before she goes into heat can fertilize her eggs during this time. When the oldest daughter comes home from her last litter with another male kitten, put them together immediately so that they can start breeding as soon as possible and continue breeding every 2-3 months afterwards while their females are still cycling(in season). This is especially important for females because once she has finished cycling it takes about 3 weeks before she will begin ovulating again which gives males plenty of time to impregnate them by mating over 4 times per year!