How Do I Know My Kitten Loves Me?

I am so glad you asked. I love your question, it is something many of our customers have had to ask themselves when they are unsure of how to tell if their kitten loves them or not! There are several ways that you can be sure that your cat truly loves you and wants nothing but attention. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Cats, like most animals, find the sound of their name spoken with inflection in their voice very pleasing. If he purrs after hearing his name whispered behind him (or even while watching television), this is another sign he cares about who calls him up at night. He will also love you more for doing this; however, make sure not to use this trick too often because eventually he will get tired of hearing his own name repeated over and over again!

2) Another way cats express affection for us is through grooming. This has been proven by scientists over time as being an extremely loving behavior on behalf of kitties who want to show they care about us. Most people don’t think cats groom each other just for fun anymore – although some still do – but it’s really quite common now among house pets whether they’re indoor/outdoor cats or spayed-kitten owners who let them roam around outside all day long…even during winter months! They spend hours combing each others fur with their strong claws which makes them feel relaxed and secure at the same time while bonding together