How Do You Catch A Feral Kitten?

I have had some problems with stray cats in my yard. One day I was walking by and saw a tiny orange cat on the porch of one of the houses on our street. I called out to it, but it didn’t respond so I picked it up and put it in a box for safety while we went inside, so that if someone found them they would be safe from their claws. Later on when getting ready to go back outside again, there were two more kittens sitting on another porch crying for food or attention. Some time later I came home only to find three more little felines – actually four since one was still alive! They are very elusive though hard to catch sometimes if you aren’t careful about where you leave boxes of cat food open overnight (the smell drives them nuts). If you’re not looking especially closely at how many are hiding under your deck/porch/shed something could get away before you realize what happened!! We’ve never caught all the strays yet…so far only these 4 have been successfully trapped 🙂