How Do You Catch A Kitten?

“If you could describe what your life was like before being a parent, how would it differ from now?”

This is the question I have heard most often since becoming a mom. It’s so funny to think that people who don’t know me at all are asking this question of me! The answer to this one is very simple: my life was not much different than anyone else’s. My husband and I worked hard together at our careers in order to provide for our family. We had friends that we loved spending time with, but were incredibly busy too. All of these things were true about my life prior to becoming a mother as well. So why do people ask this question? Well, because they are curious…and also because there are some misconceptions out there about what it means to be “a parent for the first time” or something along those lines….which usually make parents feel pressured or uncomfortable answering questions like these! But here goes…

I will never forget the day when my daughter stood up on her own two feet for the first time ever! That moment changed everything about how I view myself as an individual and as a mommy – both absolutely amazing changes- and really gave me perspective on some silly questions such as “what does it mean to be a parent for the first time? Or even more specifically: how do you catch a kitten?! lol . You see, our little girl has always