How Do You Determine Sex Of A Kitten?

And what if the kitten has been spayed or neutered?

Q: How do you determine sex of a kitten? And what if the kitten has been spayed or neutered?

A: The first thing to look at is whether there are any external signs that show which way it will be. Some cats have an obvious urethral opening, called a “cloacal bump” and some don’t. Kittens and young cats may also have nipples but these can disappear shortly after birth so they must not confuse them with anything else. Young kittens usually aren’t sexually mature until 2-3 months old so they won’t be able to reproduce until much later in life. Even then there’s no guarantee that mother cat will allow her kittens to breed because she might feel threatened by another female cat in heat! So this takes care of identifying the gender.

The next thing we must consider is whether the parents were both females (this includes either one female who was pre-spayed, even ovariohysterectomized and bred with another male) or both males (this includes two different kinds of males, like tomcats and studs). This makes up about 90% of cats in shelters; think how many more would be adopted otherwise if people knew how common this phenomenon was before adopting their animals from rescues (like us!) If neither parent was known for breeding then we should assume that it isn’t going to happen since nothing will develop into