How Do You Determine The Sex Of A Kitten?

Answer: When you’re buying the kitten, be sure to ask the seller whether it is male or female. If you don’t get an answer, take your chances. Don’t worry about it! Most breeders know which one they are selling and will tell you so if asked. You can also look at the physical characteristics of a kitten to determine sex—the vulva can be seen from behind in most cats, but not in some breeds (see Figure A). In many breeds there is a fat pad overlying the vulva that doesn’t move when stroked; this makes identifying sex difficult in some breeds. In other cases there may be no sign of a vulva at all unless viewed from below or held against clothing or fur. One way to check for pregnancy is with a digital rectal examination by your veterinarian (this procedure has been done on kittens without causing any harm).

FIGURE A: Characteristic external genitalia of male and female domestic shorthair kittens

A few years ago I saw two little girls playing together on top of their mother’s bed when suddenly they plunged through her legs into space beneath her! They had fallen out through the bottom half of my quilt cover while I was sleeping next to them under my covers! How did this happen? What could have stopped it? Answer: Domestic short-hair cats have very strong hind legs—they jump onto beds easily because they use their back legs