How Do You Discipline A Kitten?

There are many different ways to discipline a kitten. A quick and easy way is to pick it up, lift the tail end in the air, and give it a firm swat on its bottom with one hand while holding onto its front paws with your other hand. When you hold the kitten firmly by both of his front paws when disciplining him, he will not be able to squirm away from your hands or bite you! It’s best if you use just one finger when hitting him because that keeps him tied down so he can’t run away. This also prevents any damage done during an accident. You don’t want him injured or bitten accidentally while trying to get away from discipline of some sort! If the kitten starts crying at this point, put it down for a few seconds until they calm down. Do not hit them repeatedly unless they are really hurting themselves by doing something bad like scratching their ears or biting into your skin (they’ll let go if they feel pain). Keep in mind that kittens suckle on their mother’s nipples for several months after birth & need time to get used to being handled & touched before giving them “time outs” using verbal commands only-and always calmly-when confronting bad behavior such as biting people etc..

How do I keep my new puppy out of trouble?

Your new puppy is going through all sorts of exciting changes right now – learning about everything around her & making lots of fun discoveries every day she spends with you! Your success