How Do You Get A Kitten To Poop?

A: The best way is to see if she doesn’t like the smell of her own poop. Put a little amount on your hand and rub it into her fur until she does not want to have anything near her. This will teach you that what you are doing smells horrible, so there is no reason for them to come closer. However, do not overdo this because it can be very harmful to them or even lead them towards other unwanted behaviors such as biting. You should only use a tiny bit at first, then increase slowly as they become used to the scent of their own feces.

Q: how long does a cat stay sick?

A: One thing about cats is that one day they look great and the next day they could be seriously ill from something called upper respiratory infection (URI). When people think URI, most often think “cat flu” which typically involves coughing and sneezing accompanied by runny eyes and nose congestion as well as fever with lower respiratory symptoms including stuffy breathing due to asthma-like symptoms plus sometimes vomiting or diarrhea may also occur. Sometimes cats actually get pneumonia too! After an initial bout of URI, some cats usually recover in 2 weeks while others need 1 month before completely recovering from URI infestation – but once recovered many will never experience another episode unless exposed again later on down the road in life…so watch out! Also note that in some cases when URI infects young kittens under 3 months old with