How Do You House Train A Kitten?

Because a kitten has very little body fat, it’s hard for them to regulate their own temperature. They need to be kept warm and dry. When you first bring your kitten home from the Petco store or groomer, wrap her in a towel and hold her on your lap for about five minutes—the warmth of your body will help keep down her core temperature. Make sure she is always indoors when it gets cold outside so that she doesn’t get chilled and develop hypothermia (a low-grade fever). You can also use an old pair of socks as bedding to line the bottom of a small cardboard box so that they don’t scratch up the furniture with those sharp claws! If this isn’t enough, you can put some additional bedding inside one half of an empty gallon milk jug (with the top removed) and tape around all four sides with duct tape. Fill the other half with litter, such as Carefresh or Yesterday’s News litter; make sure there are no holes for air because kittens love breathing through their mouths at night! Use something like mini fluorescent light bulbs screwed into place over each side like “mini Christmas lights” but make sure not to let any air come near where they breathe by putting something heavy over them (like cans filled with sand). Place two more lightbulbs in one end because cats tend to sleep back-to-back if there’s room. This way even if they’re sleeping facing inward toward each