How Do You Introduce A Kitten To A Dog?

Question: how do you introduce a kitten to a dog?

Answer: It depends on how old the kittens are, and what kind of situation you have. If they’re young enough that it’s not too dangerous you can put them in with your dog when he is eating or playing. You’ll need to make sure they don’t get hurt though because dogs aren’t always good around children and sometimes they try to play rough. It’s best if you have someone there who knows what they’re doing watching over both of them so things don’t go wrong. Dogs usually seem more aggressive toward kittens than cats, even if one is larger than the other, but it doesn’t mean that the cat will be safe from harm all the time. For most situations I would recommend waiting until your older pet has gotten used to having new animals around before letting him meet an unfamiliar kitten; this way neither one will feel threatened or attacked by their reactions which could lead to some serious injury (and worse). Cats like meeting new people and animals once in a while as well; for this reason it may help for your dog and his littermate/sister/brothers or sisters (depending on whether he already has another littermate) to spend some time together before bringing home another addition… unless of course she’s very small… then maybe bring her home immediately!