How Do You Know If A Kitten Has Fleas?

There are several different ways to know if your kitten has fleas, but the best way is by catching some on a piece of fabric. Use some old t-shirt material that you don’t mind getting dirty, or use paper towel. Simply lay this near where your kitten sleeps and wait for him to jump up there. If he does, then it’s probable he has fleas! You can also take a look at his fur with tweezers to check. If you see any adult fleas crawling around his fur, then he will need treatment immediately! It is important not to kill all the adult insects though as they may have been working together in order to raise young insect babies! This gives them food and protection from being eaten themselves during their larval stage… so killing them only harms the kittens’ health in the long run…

What do I do about my cat’s hairball problem? How much medicine should I give?

Cat hairballs often cause great distress for both cats and owners alike. Hairballs occur when undigested particles of indigestible substances get stuck in small intestines leading to blockage which can be painful and uncomfortable for your cat (and embarrassing!). As well as causing problems by vomiting or straining itself trying pass its stomach contents through an enlarged sphincter muscle resulting in diarrhoea , an upset stomach generally means a reduction in gut motility which can lead to a reduced ability of good