How Do You Know If A Kitten Is A Boy Or A Girl?

A: Breeding is one way. But you can also know if a kitten is a boy or girl just by looking at it and feeling its fur. If the fur on the back of a kitten’s neck and/or hind legs feels rough, then that cat will be male. The pelt should feel soft and silky to the touch – female kittens have softer-feeling coats than males do.

Q: What does it mean when my kitten sleeps with his face in something?

A: This means he really likes that object or food! Sometimes this behavior leads to an obsession with finding objects buried under blankets, pillows, etc., so watch out for those treasures! It may also indicate your kitten has come from a litter where all four members slept together as siblings – but this doesn’t always happen since some kittens are adopted without their siblings already being present in someone’s home. Only older cats can understand body language well enough to interpret these behaviors correctly; younger ones must depend upon you learning what they mean after observing them time after time!