How Do You Know If Your Kitten Is Pregnant?

If your kitten is in heat, becomes pregnant and delivers a litter, the next step depends on whether or not you want to keep the kittens. If you do decide that you’d like to keep them (and pay for their future veterinary care), it’s important to know if they are male or female kittens when they are born. Male kittens can be identified by their swollen scrotum (testicles) when they are born; females will have no noticeable swellings when born. Kittens with both testicles and ovaries may also have an incomplete form of bilateral oogenesis where one set of gonads fails to develop completely. These animals should not be considered fertile but may still breed depending upon genetics . It just isn’t possible for us humans to distinguish between fertile and infertile males at birth without knowing what percentage of males has XY chromosomes etc… so please understand this scenario before moving forward!

How much does spaying/neutering cost?

Spaying/neutering is very expensive because there’s multiple procedures required which include general anesthesia, X-rays , blood work, antibiotics, pain medication , fluids IVs etc… This all must be done over time which varies based on age – every animal requires different amounts individually based on weight too! We try our best to get through things as quickly as we can since each procedure takes longer than expected due the severity of the cat’s medical issues. Spay & Neuter costs vary depending on how