How Do You Know The Difference Between A Boy And Girl Kitten?

Answer: Cats are unisex. Kittens can be sexes, but usually only one kitten will be a girl and the others will be boys. The sex of kittens is determined by chromosome count at birth (XX=female, XY=male).

Question: How do you tell if your cat is male or female? I know it’s not 100% accurate but there has to be something that we can use! We have four cats – one neutered male and three females and we always thought our youngest was a boy because he seemed more like a boy than any of the girls did! Now we’re wondering again after having him examined for “hormones” since he’ll grow up before us! He had his first heat cycle recently so now my husband wants to know if our little guy is really a tomcat or just in heat!!! So what does everyone think??? Is this some kind of trick question?! It’s driving me nuts!! A lot of people say they don’t care who their cat turns out to be as long as they get along…is true?? Help!! Update – My youngest seems truly confused too!!! She acts very much like she wants to bond with her brothers right away yet she doesn’t seem interested in playing with them either. Any suggestions on how best for her to come around quicker would be great!!!!