How Do You Say Kitten In German?

The correct version in German is “kitten” (or) or just kitten. There are many different ways to say it in German, including kitty, kittie and kitteni. It’s also common for people to just call their cat something like Kitty without saying Cat at all. If you’re talking about the cat itself then most people will simply say Kitten – but if you actually want to refer to the animal as a pet or favorite they’ll usually use the plural form of Katze (Katzen). As far as I know there isn’t really an equivalent word in English… although ‘cat’ is commonly used instead of ‘kitty’. But don’t worry too much though!

How do you get rid of fleas on your dog?

If you had your dog treated with ivermectin during its last veterinary visit then that should be enough for now. However, if not then check out this page which explains how that works: