How Do You Stimulate A Kitten To Poop?

You can try kitten treats with a little bit of tuna or cooked chicken, but if she isn’t eating them, don’t force it. I like to treat my kittens with canned cat food mixed in warm milk and then let them finish the milk. When they’re full you take the bowl away and reward again. You’ll probably have to do this several times before your kitten will eat her own food. At that point you’ve got another problem – she wants more!

What kind of litter box should I get? And what’s best for multi-cat households?

One day when my cats were all asleep I decided to change their litter boxes so they wouldn’t be fighting over who’d use which one. The big three (two males and one female) are Siamese, British shorthair, Scottish fold, Persian mix….and each has its favorites: some prefer plastic pans while others want wire ones; some demand scents while others dislike it; some go on top of tables while others prefer floor level…you get the idea….. There is no “best type” of litter box as everyone likes something different about their box(s). If changing out the boxes doesn’t work for you trust me on this – there are plenty other things you can try first! For example buy 2 identical boxes preassembled at the pet store…put one on either side of where your cats sleep near where they can see each other but not fight over them….try putting fresh