How Do You Tell Is A Kitten Is In Heat?

A. By observing her marking behavior. The first sign should be that she begins to scratch the ground, dig in it or drag something behind her when she is looking for a mate (for example, dragging a toy across the carpet). If you find one of these things and your cat doesn’t pay any attention to what you’ve found, then there’s probably mating going on and this means she will soon give birth to kittens which will demand food and care from you. These are called “kitten” or “kit” days because they follow approximately two months after full moon; therefore each month has its own name: February – February 14th; March – March 31st; April – April 30th (April 29th if Easter falls on 4/30); May-May 25th (5/24 if 5/23 occurs before noon); June-June 21st; July-July 16th; August-August 15th September-September 7th and October-(November) 26 th . This information comes from several contacts with actual breeders in many countries who have experience in breeding cats.

Q: How much does an intact male weigh?

A: Males average 12 pounds while females weigh 8 pounds at their heaviest point when pregnant with their litter. We do not know how big males get during pregnancy so we cannot accurately estimate how heavy they would become until after they have been spayed or neutered. Female weighed include gestation period but not nursing time nor weight of