How Do You Tell The Gender Of A Kitten?

The cat’s sex can be determined by examining the kitten when it is about six to eight weeks old. The kitty will begin to develop its mating and breeding habits at this age, and you’ll notice that one of the kittens may be more vocal than the other. If they’re not yet sexually active, you can find out if your new pet is a boy or girl by placing it on its back with both legs stretched out in front of its body (like a human baby). You can then examine each foot for any sign of testicles; if they are present, your kitten’s gender is male; if no testicles are visible, he or she is female. To see what color eye and coat markings it might have: Place him/her upside down on a flat surface and lift an ear flap gently so that gravity doesn’t pull them outward. When you feel confident in your ability to tell kitty’s gender just from these simple steps, remove him/her from his/her litter box , groom him/her carefully with paw pads facing upward so nothing gets stuck under their tailcoat . It would also be best to get all three taken care of at once because cats don’t like being separated from their siblings too long after birth for health reasons.