How Early Can I Neuter My Kitten?

The age of kittens when they are neutered is an individual one. If the kitten is very small, then it will be safe to neuter them at 6-8 weeks old. However, if the cat has reached sexual maturity or even before that depends upon their genetic background and how early you have taken your baby girl home from her previous owner. It also depends on what breed of cats you have so consult with a veterinarian in order to get accurate information about the age when cats should be neutered for health reasons as well as to prevent unwanted breeding.

I just got my kitten last week! How can I know which shots are good for him? I don’t want him getting sick!

All kittens must receive vaccinations by 6 weeks old – this includes rabies vaccine (this prevents any chance of your kitten catching rabies). Kittens who enter shelters come into contact with other animals and diseases like distemper virus , parvovirus, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and toxoplasmosis . This makes vaccinated young adults much less likely than unvaccinated ones to catch these diseases because antibodies remain longer in their system. One vaccination against FeLV protects against infection for 10 years but only 1 year after entering homes does this protection start wearing off; therefore having all FeLV vaccines administered at once will provide complete coverage over ten years while preventing disease every year thereafter until 12 months passed since first vaccinating our babies – one vaccination covers life time immunity against ALL