How Early Can I Take A Kitten From A Feral Cat?

Possibly as early as 3 weeks old, though the kittens will still need to live with their mother for a few more weeks.

What are some things I can do to make the kitten feel safe?

Put your kitten in an area where she feels comfortable and secure – like on top of a pillow or behind some soft blankets. Try not to let her roam around too much during this time.

How long does it take before my kitten is ready for adoption? Will she be tame enough then? Is there any way that I can speed up her development? How about if I bring him back when he’s older than 8 months…will he grow faster than normal cats his age would grow without me taking him home at all??

Kittens tend to develop normally until they’re approximately 2-4 months old, so you could expect them to be “ready” by about 4-8 weeks (that depends on how well you’ve taken care of them). If you think your new cat is getting too big for his litterbox right away, try putting him into another box temporarily; this will help him adjust since the first box was probably quite small. He’ll usually start using it again after a couple days (just make sure he has access to water!). It may take several attempts over several days before he’s comfortable with the process! Once he’s used it correctly once or twice, however, there shouldn’t be any problem thereafter–he should start trying out