How Early Can You Declaw A Kitten?

There is no known reason that would stop you from declawing your kitten. The Humane Society of the United States recommends neutering kittens before they are eight weeks old, but it’s not clear what age this recommendation should start at. Declawing can be done as soon as 7-8 weeks old or even after 8 weeks has elapsed. If you choose to wait until the kitten is older than 10-12 weeks, his claws will have already begun to grow back by then and he will be less likely to injure himself with them.

How long does it take for a cat’s claw to regrow?

It varies depending on the cat and how long he takes between each declaw surgery. Some cats may never fully regain full function of their claws while others might need another procedure within months since much depends upon individual genetics and behavior patterns. We recommend our customers wait six months from their last surgical procedure before having any more work done on their cats, though some owners opt for shorter wait times if they feel comfortable doing so with their veterinarian’s advice or guarantee that there won’t be any health issues associated with early procedures such as infections or abscesses later in life following too many surgeries too quickly.