How Easy Is It To Hurt A Kitten?

Easy. You can hurt a kitten just by looking at it. The first time I saw that video of the little girl hurting her cat, my heart broke for her and for the poor thing, but it wasn’t right to watch her act like she was killing him or playing with him while he writhed in agony on the table. It’s not okay to do that either on purpose or unintentionally (like you might accidentally step on your dog). But if you’re gentle and respectful of others’ feelings, there is no shame whatsoever in treating animals as beings who share our hopes and fears (or fearfully live only because of them), feel pain, etc. Also note that kittens don’t need us to “rescue” them; they’re perfectly capable of surviving out there on their own if we stay out of their way! If even one person reads this article and realizes what an utterly cruel act it is to torture babies like this cute little guy here (whose vet bills are already paid) without any thought about why they aren’t recovering well, then his suffering will be over…for now anyway.

What kind of animal cruelty happens?

There are all kinds of ways people abuse animals: tying them up outside in cold weather when they don’t want to go outdoors; left alone for days without food or water; used as living room decorations; abandoned in shelters where starving dogs choke themselves trying to get enough air through tiny cages….the list goes on forever!! This article