How Expensive Is It To Neuter A Kitten?

Some people are against having their cat neutered because they believe it’s cheaper to buy a new kitten instead. This is only partially true; while kittens cost less than adult cats, the purchase price of an intact (intact means that you can’t tell if your cat has been spayed or neutered) female does not include the surgery and anesthesia for her recovery. The average cost of a spay/neuter procedure ranges from $125 – $200 per operation in some veterinary clinics, depending on location and vet services offered. Even more expensive treatments exist involving operations such as trocars (metal rods used to guide the uterus out of the abdomen), laparoscopies (anesthesia injections used during surgeries with high risk), etc., which add up fast!

You also need to consider boarding fees for overnight stays at veterinary facilities where your cat will be operated upon, any needed medications throughout his recuperation period after surgery, and any follow-up visits required by your vet after all this is over. Neutering costs vary depending on whether you choose one clinic or multiple locations for your neuter appointment(s). Some vets offer discounted rates when paying in full at once so ask around before choosing a place to get this done!

If you do decide to have him spayed or neutered then make sure that he gets shots afterwards that prevent him from getting diseases like feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and panleukopenia aka “kitten